A Year of Being Free from Migraines

Disclaimer: this is my personal testimony – if you think this might work for you, please do research it and, if you’re already on doctor-prescribed medication, please do check with your GP.

It’s all in the title, I suppose… I’ve been very aware of the anniversary approaching, and it’s been long enough now that I trust it, and I know am actually healed. Forever.



When I blogged about migraines last year, the response was huge. I was amazed at the number of people that suffer. Is it weird (or bad?) that it made me feel better knowing it wasn’t just me? I’d spent days, weeks, months silently nursing dreadful fears about what was happening… it was like I lived in shadows even standing in sunlight. And then I blogged, and then hundreds and hundreds of people replied and commented on our Facebook page, and re-blogged and shared it and emailed us telling them how afraid they were, too, and suddenly I wasn’t scared I was dying anymore, and I didn’t feel alone anymore.

When I blogged, I’d just started taking feverfew. A couple of days after, as I was reading and reading and reading and reading, I came across something somewhere in the middle of the internet that said there is a correlation between migraines and magnesium deficiency.


At the time, I was believing I was healed of the sheer torment of migraines, but I was still only days away from the last “event” so my footing was shaky. Actually, it was really shaky. I remember being scared that by writing openly that I was fixed, doing that would somehow bring on a humungous migraine.

It didn’t, and I am raising my hands in praise.

But, magnesium. I want to talk about that more because I think it’s partly what’s made the difference. After reading and reading and reading, I decided on Magnesium and B6 supplements. (That link will open up the Amazon page for the tablets. I’m not an Amazon affiliate and make no money from that… I just want you to know which one has helped me so much.)

No-one really knows why magnesium helps, because no-one really knows what causes migraines. The blood vessels in the brain either dilate or constrict, but no-one knows why.


So, here’s what I do every day:

  • I chew a couple of leaves of fresh feverfew
  • I take 2 of the magnesium + B6 tablets with food in the morning
  • I take several tablespoons of unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar (one in the morning; one in the afteroon; one later on)
  • I have several glasses of water with barley grass powder
  • I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • and I try to get enough sleep

It probably seems like a lot but it’s really not. It’s second nature now. And it’s been a year since I had a migraine. As I wrote that, I let out an immense shuddery breath because the realisation of it hit me all over again. I’m free of migraines. I. AM. FREE. OF. MIGRAINES.


I must say, I still have some light sensitivity sometimes, but even that is gradually becoming less of an issue. In part it might be that am still afraid of bright lights because they used to be a trigger. But I don’t need to be afraid anymore.

And, I am still aware of having “floaters” in my eyes. I have read a hundred scientific and medical articles about this and all say there is, and can be, no correlation between the two, but for me, there absolutely was. And I am still dealing with eye floaters, but I’m believing I’ll be free of those, too.

There were a lot of people last year that hadn’t heard of feverfew, and we received emails from people that started taking it and noticed a difference. I hope this helps someone out there: someone who cannot imagine getting their life back; someone who is locked in the cage, in the shadows, having been labelled “Migraineur”. I guess making it sound French makes it fancier.

Before you decide to try any of this, please read up on it: both feverfew and magnesium, for example, mustn’t be taken if you’re taking blood-thinners.


If you do your due diligence and want to try this, too, in a year’s time, we’ll rejoice together.



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